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>> shepard: two deaths on two different days at a pharmacy mogul's mansion. are they connected? tonight, investigators change their tune. plus, news corps executives testify before a british parliament committee from rupert murdoch's apology but not responsibility. >> i would just like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> mr. rupert do you accept ultimately you are responsible for that whole fiasco? >> no. >> the news corps ceo rupert murdoch and his son on the controversy that's shaken their company. >> this is a matter of huge and sincere regret. >> shepard: tonight, highlights of the hearing and what happens next. plus, chaos erupts as an attacker takes aim at the news corps chief. >> and a look back at how this whole scandal started from the report of prince william's knee injury to the hacking of a
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teenage murder victim's voice mail, we will see where it all began. plus, with just days to go until america can't pay its bills, lawmakers scramble for a solution. >> it makes no sense for us to raise the debt limit without fixing the problem that has created our massive debt to begin with. >> here we go again. >> shepard: tonight, dramatic moments in the debt crisis showdown. but, first from fox this tuesday night, the british tabloid hacking scablegdz. hours ago executives from fox news channel's parent company, news corporation appeared before lawmakers in london. the chairman and ceo rupert murdoch and his son james murdock who is the deputy chief operating officer were there to answer questions about the problems at the news of the world newspaper. you'll recall news corps recently closed that then 168-year-old tabloid after accusations that staffers hacked the voice mail accounts of people whom they were covering. james murdock started out today
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by apologizing to all those affected? >> first of all, i would like to say as well just how sorry i am and how sorry we are to particularly to victims of illegal voice mail interceptions and to their families. it's a matter of great regret of mine, my father's, and everyone at news corporation and these are standards, these actions too not live up to the standards that our company aspires to everywhere around the world. it is our determination to both put things right, make sure these things don't happen again, and to be the company that i know we have always aspired to be. >> shepard: but lawmakers wanted to know just how much the murdocks knew about the problems and when they knew about them. >> mr. murdock, at what point did you find out the criminality was endemic at news of the world >> endemic is a very hard, very
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wide ranging word. and i always have to be extremely careful not to prejudice the course of justice which is taking place now. that has been disclosed i became aware as it came out. two and then i was absolutely shocked, appalled and ashamed when i heard about the case. only two weeks ago. >> shepard: the millie dower case. a teenage murder victim in the united kingdom. the teenage controversy blew up when allegations came out that news reporters had hacked into her voice mail. shortly after rupert murdoch heard of that incident he closed down the news of the world tabloid. >> did you close the newspaper down because of the criminality? >> yes.
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we felt ashamed at what had happened thought we would bring it to a close. >> people lied to you and lied to their readers. >> we had broken our trust with our readers. >> shepard: the murdocks also commented on an fbi investigation into whether staffers hacked the phones into the victims of 9/11. the have seen no evidence of such hacking such far. rupert murdoch said ultimately he is not to blame for this scandal. he say the fault lay with the people he trusted and those whom they trusted. >> let me just say something. and this is not an excuse, maybe an explanation the news of the world is less than 1% of our company. i employ 53,000 people around the world who are proud and great and ethical and distinguished people.
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>> shepard: a couple of hours into mr. murdock's testimony, a disturbance in the room. a man carrying a pie tin full of white foam of some kind approached the ceo. >> no, no, no. >> oh. >> outrage. >> shepard: rupert murdoch's wife in the pink there coming to her husband's defense. the hearing resumed after a short break with the now jacketless rupert murdoch, the attacker under arrest. by the way, as the murdocks testified, news corps' stock rose up 5.5% on trading today in new york. a gain on paper of $2.15 billion. but even with that uptick, the company's still lost on paper about $6 billion in value since this scandal broke. the details now from the fox business network ashley webster live with the news in london tonight. ashley? >> yeah. it has been a remarkable day. day of apologies and accusations. a day of high drama and low comedy. no doubt about it, today the
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spotlight fell squarely on hue pert -- rupert murdoch the ceo and son james murdock. much of the information focusing on who knew what when. both murdocks were unaware how extensive the tactics of phone hacking were within the company and only knew it when more details came to light during lawsuits. >> i would like all the victims of phone hacking to know how completely and deeply sorry i am, apologizing cannot take back what has happened. still, i want them to know the depth of my regret for the horrible invasions into their lives. >> james murdock was told he was not allowed to deliver an opening statement but he did apologize at the start of the hearing and promised to make things right. as you mentioned, shep, rupert murdoch said on a number of occasions can he not be held responsible for the news of the world saying he was let down by too many people he trusted.
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he also told lawmakers that reporters play a vital role in society. >> i do believe that investigative journalism, particularly competitive, does lead to a more transparent and open society. inconvenient though that may be to many people. >> well, after the murdocks finished testifying, it was the turn of rebekah brooks. she was the former chief executive of news international. she resigned last week. was arrested this past weekend. today, the commons committee asked her about the practice of paying private detectives. >> so it's safe to say you were aware of approved payment to private detectives. >> i was aware the news of the world used private detectives under my -- news of the world, yes. >> you would have approved payments to them. >> that's not how it works. i was aware that we used them. >> well, after today, tomorrow the spotlight will turn to the house of commons where british prime minister david cammeron will face questions about the phone hacking scandal and his
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association with news international executives. he had to cut short a trade mission to africa. he is now back in the country tonight. that hearing will begin late tomorrow morning, shep, and we should also mention news corps, of course, is also the parent company of the fox business network. >> shepard: ashley, some of the families of 9/11 victims here at home have requested a meeting with officials in washington to discuss their concerns over whether people have hacked their voice mails. and today justice department indicated that the attorney general eric holder is willing to go ahead with such a meeting. in a statement, a spokesman wrote: the attorney general has met with 9/11 family members on a number of occasions and would welcome the opportunity to meet with them to discuss any concerns they would like to bring to the department's attention. we'll have continuing coverage of this scandal, the tabloid hacking scandal, including a look at how this all began. it's the top story coming up tonight at the bottom of the hour. we're at the 11th hour. that's the warning from president obama about the standoff over raising the
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nation's debt ceiling. now he says there is a new plan. and he will be inviting g.o.p. leaders back to the white house to talk about it. but, right now the house is getting ready to vote on a republican plan of sorts that the president has already promised to veto and which has no chance in the u.s. senate. remember, the deadline is two weeks from today. after that officials say they will face tough choices about which bills to pay if this goes through. things like social security checks, military salaries and veterans benefits. unemployment benefits. and student loans. >> we don't have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures. we don't have any more time to posture. it's time to get down to the business of actually solving this problem. and i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> shepard: that bipartisan consensus coming from a group of senators who unveiled their new plan today. doug mckelway on capitol hill. what's in it? >> many of the details have much to be worked out. this we do know. a rebirth of the gang of six
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plan. the plan that was put on the shelf some weeks ago when senator coburn walked out of it all. it has been resurrected now. 50 senators met this morning behind closed doors to hear a pitch of it all. they all came out feeling very optimistic about it. it would cut the deficit by $3.7 trillion over the next 10 years, but it would do so by not raising income taxes or corporate taxes. instead, it would simplify the tax code, closing loopholes and some subsidies. one of the apparent converts is illinois democratic senator dick durbin. listen to his enthusiasm for it? >> something happened this morning that was perhaps historic. no fist fights. no swearing instead, democrats and republican senators said in that room 49 of them. listen to the outline of group of six proposal and came out with a positive feeling is one. >> one potential problem durbin says there is not enough time to get it done by august 2nd.
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shep? >> shepard: positive feeling but no real specifics in that what's the feeling about warehouse republicans are going to go for this as they get ready to vote on their own plan. >> that's one of the big questions as the house considers as we speak cut, cap, and balance right now. they're considering it as of this moment. we're watching the vote right now. expecting a vote perhaps within the next hour. it's going to pass very easily in the house. faces a much tougher road in the senate. and, of course, the president has promised to veto it. debate today split right down along party lines. >> you you drastically cut taxes. you ensured a debt. and, in fact, just this spring, you voted for a republican budget that increased the deficit by $8.8 trillion from 14.3 to $23.1 trillion over the next 10 years. but now you don't want to pay for it. >> what's really going on madam speaker and all of the debt discussions in all of the negotiations, is the fact that
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the minority and its party and the president continued to insist that we raise taxes on the small business people that we need so desperately to begin creating jobs and hiring people again. >> cut cap and balance moves on to the senate next week. as we said, it faces a dim prospect there. made all the more dim by this renewed interest in the gang of six plan. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway live tonight, thank you. new clues tonight in the mystery at the mansion on the hill. days after somebody found a millionaire's girlfriend hanging by her neck, and days after his own son took a deadly fall down the stas, we're learning some very interesting details about the man who owns the mansion. and the banks told us it won't happen again. it can't happen again. we won't let it happen again. they claim their workers would not sign foreclosure documents they haven't read.
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>> shepard: new tonight, investigators say they cannot rule out the possibility that two deadly incidents in a mansion in california last week were, indeed, related. each event took place at this man's home. he is a high profile drug company executive. authorities report his 6-year-old son died in the hospital this weekend after he fell down a flight of stairs inside the mansion on the san diego bay. and just a couple of days after he fell, somebody found the body of the millionaire's girlfriend. she was hanging by her neck, with her hands and feet bound. trace gallagher with the update from our west coast news hub. what you have learned tonight, trace. >> from the very beginning the san diego sheriff investigators say they have no evidence linking these crimes. they tended to back way off that
7:17 pm
statement when a homicide detective said this. listen. >> i can't say that they are not connected but what i can say is that we would keep all that information together and take a look at the totality of this investigation. >> the totality, the sergeants would not elaborate but we have now learned that the day after 6-year-old max shackni fell off those stairs is that 32-year-old rebekah took the family dog to a local kennel. we do not know why. the kennel owner says she was very distraught. the next morning, shep, she turned up dead. >> shepard: have they determined whether the girlfriend's death is a murder? >> well, the sheriff's department says we should have a ruling on that some time this week, but they do not want to jump to conclusions. they're saying that a homicide and a suicide are very similar. but i want you to listen to the homicide detective when he told us this earlier today. play it. >> so, first, you have to see is it even possible for somebody to do this? i can tell you that there are
7:18 pm
documented cases throughout the country where people do secure their hands and they commit suicide. however, is it possible the way rebekah was found? >> the way he is talking about is her feet were bound. rebekah that is. we have experts who said they have never heard of a suicide where the people's hands and feet have both been bound. but we should note there are still no suspects. and no persons of interest in this case, shep. >> shepard: trace, the wife of a new york murder suspect pleading not guilty to being her husband's get away driver. investigators say the woman on the right here helped her husband, the guy on the left, escape after they claim he killed four people at a pharmacy on new york's long island. they say it started as a hold up for prescription pain killers. prosecutors upgraded the robbery charge against her but they say they will not charge her with murder because they have no evidence that she knew in advance that the killings would happen. first, it was air traffic controllers sleeping on the job. and now the feds say a
7:19 pm
controller may have been drunk while watching. or i should say while he was directing planes in the air. a live update next. and an accused teenager, one of accused of throwing a party after murdering his parents and there he is. cops say he hung out with dozens of friends with the bodies of his parents in his home. even sent out inel i have stations. will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will willing will will will will will will will will will will
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>> shepard: word air traffic controller may have been drunk on the job or at least a little bit tipsy. it happened at a tower in colorado. one of those towers that' handles air traffic over several states. the controller is now off the job and they are investigating and "the fox report's" chief correspondent with us now.
7:23 pm
what do we know. >> a controller described as a veteran working at what is called the denver senator. now the f.a.a. mandates a blood alcohol level of .0 it or lower those directing air traffic. on this day, this particular controller during a round of drug and alcohol tests was found to be over that now, the national air traffic controller's association released a statement today through paul, the president, in which he said and i quote: we take our responsibility of ensuring aviation safety very seriously. that includes acting professionally in all that we do. thus, this incident is deeply troubling. for context, that level of .02 is somewhat below the driving legal limit which is .08. obviously the f.a.a. feels those that are directing air traffic it needs to be much more stringent. >> shepard: .02 one drink. this is the latest with the air traffic controller.
7:24 pm
>> a number this year. february 19th, there a controller had apparently made a bed in the radar room at knoxville, tennessee. for a nap. he was fired. march 23rd at reagan national airport in washington, d.c., a controller failed to respond to two planes. told investigators he had fallen asleep. he was suspended. on april 11th at seattle's boeing field, a controller was fired after twice falling asleep on duty. it's not clear whether this is a growing trend or whether we are simply hearing about these a lot more. either way, it's deeply troubling beings are shep, for anyone flying those supposedly friendly skies. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you, sir. a teenager from florida is now facing murder charges after police say he beat his parents to death with a hammer. then hosted a party with their bodies still in the house. he is 17-year-old tyler hadley. advertised the party on his facebook page. they found his parents' bodies buried beneath blancts, picture frames and books in their locked
7:25 pm
bedroom. >> it was a merciless killing. it was brutal. and then the facebook invitation a party to have your friends and 40 to 60 people come over i think speaks for itself. >> shepard: police aanonymous tip led them to the house. they have now charged tyler hadley as annual adult. jail officials say they are holding him without bond and is he under suicide watch. a last second plea for mercy as a convicted killer faces his execution day tomorrow. one of his surviving victims is fighting to spare his life. have you ever tried to catch raindrops or snowflakes with your tongue? why you wouldn't want to try it with this weather phenomenon. that's next.
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shim ship crews cutting into a house to save a she large animal. a woman's horse fell through a window and landed in the basement. >> i came out and i'm looking at the gate here and i only see half a horse sticking up. at first i'm thinking she is rolling around. then i realize i don't see the other half of the horse. i'm thinking great, the horse is caught in the window well. so it was pretty scary. >> shepard: there is the horse. got a little caught up eating weeds and sun flowers near a basement window and took a tumble. vets gave the horse sedatives to keep it calm while sheriff's deputies and fire crews went on
7:30 pm
to work on an escape route. the horse eventually walked out of the horse on her own of course, of course. after all of that suffered only a few minor scratches. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. today one of the most powerful media executives on the planet sat in a room in london and answered questions about a scandal that has rocked his empire. he is the news corps chairman and ceo rupert murdoch and his son james, the company's deputy chief operating officer spending nearly three hours testifying before a committee of british lawmakers. news corps owns the fox news channel and many other media properties. and today's hearing was all about the phone hacking scandal at great britain's news of the world tabloid. a controversy that's getting attention around the world but newspaper staffers first planted the seeds of this scandal nearly six years ago our senior
7:31 pm
correspondent eric shawn takes us back to that eric. >> shep he said this is the most humble day of my life. truth, apologetic. direct. answered questions about the scandal that has now spanned several years. >> it started with prince william's knee injury in november of 2005. the palace claimed voice mail messages were intercepted by news corps' the news of the world. the papers royal reporter and private investigator were arrested. but the practice may have extended beyond that story. in 2002, 13-year-old british school girl millie dower disappeared and was murdered. on july 4th, 2011, allegations emerged that her voice mail may have been hacked and messages deleted to free space in her mailbox. leading her family to falsely believe she was alive. on july 6th. rupert murdoch chairman and ceo of news corps promised full cooperation with the police calling the accusations deplorable and unacceptable.
7:32 pm
he shut down the news of the world. then, the paper's former editor and former communications chief to british prime minister david cammeron andy coulson was arrested. and allegations surfaced that former prime minister gordon brown had also been targeted. the controversy caused news corps to drop its bid for british broadcaster b sky b. in the u.s., the fbi began investigating phones of 9/11 victims were hacked. last friday, the paper's former editor and head of the news corps of british newspaper group rebekah brooks resigned. , this as her predecessor at the newspaper group "wall street journal" publisher also stepped down. both say they knew nothing about the alleged hacking. on that same day, murdock met with mille cow ler's family to personally apologize. on saturday, news corps placed full page newspaper ads which read we are sorry. on sunday, brooks was arrested and questioned by london police.
7:33 pm
then, the head of scotland yard and his number two resigned. yesterday, the man who went public with the allegations, the news of the world's former show business rorlt sean horror was found dead in his london area home. he claimed celebrity phones were hacked for exclusive stories. police say there is no evidence of foul play in his death and now awaiting the results of an autopsy. as for rupert murdoch he said he was mislead about the suspected wrongdoing. he said he is shocked, appalled and ashamed by it he also said there is no evidence the phones of any 9/11 victims had been hacked as one newspaper report claimed in london. he also announced the creation of a special committee that will ensure journalistic standards, shepard? >> shepard: eric, thanks. new developments in the sex scandal informing the former head of the international monetary fund. lawyers for two women who say dominic strauss-khan tried to rape them met today with prosecutors here in new york. no word on what they discussed. one of the accusers is a french
7:34 pm
writer. the other a hotel housekeeper who says strouse cowan attacked her inside a luxury hotel sweet in manhattan. the accusation prompted him to step down from the imf. prosecutors have since said the made has -- maid has a history of lying. stood by claims saying strauss-khan should be held accountable. as for the french accuser, you see her here. the mother says she had a quote consensual but brutal sexual encounter with the former imf chief. she tells a french magazine it happened several years before he allegedly raped her daughter. fox urgent now. there is word that the united states recently came close to killing a top al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. the feds have linked him to recent terror plots against the u.s. including its attempted christmas day underwear bombing, the fort hood massacre and the botched times square car bombing. almost. national security correspondent
7:35 pm
jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jen, what happened? >> well, shep, we have new details about this near miss assassination of anwar al-awlaki. perhaps the most wanted al qaeda terrorist after usama bin laden and his deputy ayman al zawahiri. it was first reported by abc news. but now senior u.s. defense and intelligence officials tell fox that on may 5th, just four days after the bin laden raid, intelligence provided by the yemenese in an effort to gain u.s. help to keep yemeni president in power that intelligence allowed u.s. officials to attempt a dangerous raid to assassinate al awlaki in yemen. he is the terrorist as you mentioned wanted for dispatching the christmas underwear bomber among orioles. problems with the jet sent on the mission, they were running low on fuel i'm told by two defense sources with knowledge of the mission and problems with the new missiles being used, griffin missiles which are essentially new and improved hell fire missiles that were attached to a special operations fixed wing plane caused the
7:36 pm
mission to fail. in fact, those griffin missiles struck the vehicle in which awlaki was traveling, i'm told. because they didn't detonate properly, he had time to get out, change vehicles, and he managed to escape. these griffin missiles are in the testing phase, i'm told. they have been used on other special operations missions but a series of mistakes really made it so they narrowly missed getting one of the world's most wanted terrorists, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, thanks. either somebody is signing a lot of foreclosure papers or massive fraud is still running wild in the mortgage industry. straight ahead, the brand new investigations into an illegal practice that's pushing people right out of their homes. plus, he won two olympic gold medals, now he is begging for money on the streets. the rise and fall of a world class athlete. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
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>> cops say they have arrested a man for the home invasion of a united states congressman over the weekend. the suspect is 19 years old. faces half a dozen charges including first degree burglary and assault while participating in a felony. all of this after investigators say some masked man with a gun broke into the iowa congressman leonard boswell's home saturday night and then attacked his daughter and demanded money. the congressman is 77 years old. he says he wrestled with the intruder before his grandson got a shotgun and forced the guy to leave. officials say that they are also looking for a second suspect and they consider him both armed and dangerous. two separate investigations out today show banks are still using illegal procedures to evict people from their homes. having workers sign foreclosure documents they haven't read and in many cases forging other people's signatures on those documents. they call it robo signing. and it became a major issue last year, leading to a temporary halt in u.s. foreclosures. it created a backlog of troubled homes which has weighed on an
7:41 pm
already sluggish housing market. foreclosures,. >>, a major factor in the u.s. recession and a threat to the overall economic recovery. several large u.s. banks resumed foreclosures earlier this year as they reached a settlement with federal regulators and promised we will stop the practice of robo signing. but these new investigations show many of them have not. gerri willis from the fox business network with us. where exactly did these investigations go? >> well, they find that six known robo signers still signing these documents. for example, a fellow named brian by mr. testified that he signed 5,000 of these documents and then did it for a number of companies. a number of different banks. he has never been prosecuted criminally. going on all over the place. and what's more, these are just six robo signers we already knew about. >> shepard: this can only be bad news, gerri, for anybody hoping to sell a home, any time in the near future. >> when this whole problem came
7:42 pm
to the fore, only about a year ago, what we found was that there was a moratorium on the industry, slow down foreclosures, stop them entirely and it stopped the market it could happen again. particularly if we see a lot of people getting involved. >> shepard: right. gerri willis part of the best team in business. her program airs every day 5:00 eastern time 4 in oxford on the fox business network. wall street had one of its best days in months today. the dow jumped more than 200 points. its biggest one day gain of the entire year. nasdaq up more than 60 huge percentage and the s&p more than 20. analysts say one reason is talk of a new debt limit plan one on which we reported earlier. also good earnings reports from companies including ibm and coca cola and harley davidson. goldman sachs posting lower profits than analysts expected. its stock down less than 1% today. bank of america, another loss. a loss of $9 billion. most of that went to settle a lawsuit over mortgage
7:43 pm
investments. rescuers pulling to safety 12 men trapped after a tunnel collapse and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. china. these minivans reportedly bringing the men out of that tunnel which was under construction in a northeastern province. a cave-in that pinned them down for 36 hours. emergency crews lowered food, water, and mobile phone through ventilation holes, much like the rescue operation for 33 miners in chile last year. workers finished a rescue shaft early this morning and pulled the men right out through it. germany, arsonists setting fire to four parked cars in the capital city of berlin. no reports of injuries, but arson attacks on cars have been ongoing for several years, mostly in berlin and hamburg. we're told police suspect left-wing activists in some cases. north korea. heavy flooding hitting the west and northeast. this video from friday just released. state media reporting the rough weather destroyed or flooded
7:44 pm
more than 50,000 acres of land. international aid groups in north korea have not confirmed the effects of recent downpours. peru. workers turning weapons into farm tools in the capital city of lima as part of a program to get guns off the streets. they cut up many of the pistol, then melt them down. the country's first lady on hand for the debut of the first batch of shovels which will reportedly go to farming communities and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. he was a world champion gymnast. and now he has turned up begging on the streets of beijing. he is a 28-year-old who reportedly made china's national team at the age of 12. won two gold medals at the world university games back in 2001 but then injured his foot and had to retire. we're told he later lost a job as a delivery boy and that an illness in the family wiped out the rest of his savings. he apparently even had to sell some of his medals for food.
7:45 pm
next came some jail time for theft. he is reportedly been on the streets ever since. but has recently been accepting donations while he looks for work. casey anthony facing yet another lawsuit. details ahead. plus, the shuttle "atlantis," it's beginning its final journey back to earth. the latest from space coming up as fox reports live tonight 15 minutes to o'reilly. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have cess to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers.
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>> shepard: fox weather alert. the midwest heat wave has killed at least 13 people over the past week. that's according to reports from the national weather service. dangerously high temperatures and humidity continuing to blast the middle of the country. our meteorologist janice dean the weather machine in the extreme weather center. we saw remarkably rare heat
7:49 pm
index readings across that region. >> look at this, shepard. 131 degrees. that is the heat index. and what that is is the actual air temperature combined with the relative humidity to give you what the body actually feels in terms of temperatures. when it's outside. 131 degrees in knoxville, iowa, other places across the midwest. we are looking at readings over 120 degrees. and when you see readings like that, exextremely dangerous. and heat stroke for any length of time that you are out there is imminent. taking a look at your current temperatures right now. 94 in davenport. 96, but, again, with the humidity, what it really feels like when you head outside, 108 in davenport. 109 in gee des moines. 106 in omaha. unfortunately this heat is sticking around. >> that is unfortunate. i guess it's spreading, right? >> absolutely. we have got over two dozen states under heat advisories. this time last evening we were talking about the central u.s. now spreading into the ohio valley, the tennessee valley and now parts of the northeast.
7:50 pm
heat indices 105 to 115 as we head throughout the next seller days. there are your tomorrow highs, 90's, 100s across the board. the only real place getting the relief the northwest. so that's the place to be seattle at 67. >> janice dean, thanks very much. a wall of dust covering parts of arizona in a massive cloud of dirt and debris. this storm rolled into phoenix just yesterday. giant mass about 3,000 feet tall according to a meteorologist with the national weather service. >> we were driving and it came so fast and we were standing outside the house. we were just watching. did you see the american flag like against the darkest part? it was so cool and beautiful. >> insane. it was crazy. i was watching out in my backyard. a big wall of dust. i couldn't see nothing. >> shepard: but it did not top that dust storm that we saw earlier this month, the one that cut power to hundreds of homes and grounded a bunch of flights. not to mention the massive clean up effort that followed.
7:51 pm
a new lawsuit for the convicted liar casey anthony. a diver is now suing the former mother who never reported her daughter missing or anything else. the man claims casey anthony's lies led him to search for caylee anthony in a river near the anthony home a search that he says cost him a lot of time and money and much more. of course, this is not the only lawsuit for the now free casey anthony. a woman named za need da gonzalez is suing casey anthony for using her name when she falsely claimed -- equusearch looking to recover the money it spent looking for caylee. the man deadly killing spree muslims is scheduleded to die by lethal injections. somebody is fighting to keep that from happening. the state of texas condemned
7:52 pm
this man to death after he shot and killed two people and wounded another: it was just after the attacks of 9/11. the man reportedly said did he it for revenge against anyone he considered of middle eastern descent. the sole survivor that rampage said his own islamic faith requires him to seek mercy and forgiveness. he has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop his would-be killer's execution. the man partially blinded in that attack also said the man who shot him 10 years ago is a different person now and has learned from his mistakes. for the final time today, a nasa shuttle left the international space station and now "atlantis" is on its way home. >> physical separation, houston. >> "atlantis" weighs anchor from the international space station for the last time. >> shepard: the shuttle pushed off around 2:30 eastern this morning nearly 250 miles above the pacific ocean. before the two crews said their god guys the face space station
7:53 pm
did a 360-degree spin to give the cameras this never before seen view in the sky. "atlantis" is said to land in florida on thursday morning marking the end of a 30 year space program and of course fox news channel will have live coverage. we reported last night about the crime fighting chihuahua that took on two unsuspecting robbers. tonight, there is surveillance video and wait until you see how it all went down. that's next as fox reports live tonight. first though head over to and you can get news alerts and streaming videos sent to your smart phone or other mobile device. it will keep you connected everywhere you go. they live. in he, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broaand experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. ♪
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the eam hydrat to firat night. gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay. >> shepard: cool critter time now. the story of perhaps the most likely attack dog in los angeles county, seems two guys and a gun are no match for this dog. >> like many of his contemporaries he demands respect. he struts around with pride.
7:57 pm
always prepared for a nap. >> normally is he really laid back. is he just sitting back taking it easy. >> but what this chihuahua lacks in attitude and size. >> give me your money. >> he made up for with determination when two robbers burst into his owner's smoke shop. [barking] >> the chihuahua chasing the bad guys out of there cops won't say. the owner seems more concerned about the dog. >> when i saw the video and when i saw them pointing the gun at packco it sent a chill down my back. >> the message here is don't mess with the dog. >> he was a rescue dog so i suggest everybody rescue a dog from the pound. you never know when you are going to need them. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five, nfl hall of famer
7:58 pm
karl he willer taking part in talks to end the lockout saying there could be a deal this week. number four, michael vick appearing on capitol hill that would toughen anti-dogfighting laws. vick goes "on the record" with greta van susteren tonight 10:00 on the eastern. biggest one day jump on the year strong earning reports and word lawmakers in washington may actually be close to a debt limit deal. number two, lawyers for the two women accusing the financial super stardom nic strauss-khan of rape meeting with prosecutors in new york. united states came within inches, as officials put it, of killing the wanted terrorist anwar al awlaki in a missile strike back in may that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 1991, heavyweight boxing legend mike tyson raped a beauty queen according to a jury of his pierce.
7:59 pm
18-year-old contestant for the black america pageant claimed mike tyson pinned her down and raped her in his hotel room. tyson claimed the sex was consensual. the jury found him guilty and the judge sentenced him six years in prison. iron mike served only three and despite some high paying come back fights, the former heavyweight champ later declared bankruptcy and struggled with drug addiction. he quit boxing seven rounds into his final bout saying he didn't have the guts to fight anymore. but one of mike tyson's legal battles began 20 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, july the 19th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your place tonight. we're all back tomorrow, noon pacific time. 3:00 eastern time. that's 2:00 in oxford. "the o'reilly factor" is coming up. from the journalists of fox news, nice to see you. and it's nice to see o'reilly.

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